Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Last Blog before Christmas:)

So, It's Christmas!! I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!  But, I am know going to fill you in on the happing in St.Wolstan's last week plus this week as I never gave you my weekly update I usually give on a Friday!

                                                           Monday was quite an epic day altogether! It began with a Mini Co. idea with Orla, as we missed one of them(the day we saw Skyfall!) and she told us all about marketing! But after break was when all the fun went down! We had our JunkKoutre fashion show! Well, I have to say it was such a good time! Unfortunately ours was a bit different then how we intended as on Friday our skirt, we just couldn't use, so over the weekend we decided to crochet a skirt as our theme was nature and wool comes from sheep and they are natural! We also had a slight panic as we had no music but some of the girls came to our rescue and let us use there I-Pod! The fashion show itself was so cool, we got to see the designs of all the groups which was good too! It was all in all a really fun fashion show! Later on that day we had double Science on Ms.B got us to draw posters on different areas of botany we studied! Our group did plant reproduction!

                                                            Tuesday was also a fun day too! We had double Tech. with Mr.W which always promises to be fun! I finally finished the main part of my clock, I had this weird filing to do and I have been putting it off for a couple of weeks and I also melted my piece too! Later on that day we had Home Ec. and we made cupcakes with blue icing!  They were absolutely yummy!!!

                                                                   On Wednesday we had workshops all day! They were by Trocaire, Concern and Self-Help Africa they were really interesting and the Self-Help Africa one was really informative about the exploitation of first world countries to the third world countries such as the rose industry in Kenya and Ethiopia.

                                                            Thursday was a very interesting day! Well, it began with a religion class with Ms.G and then a very interesting History class with Ms.C about how Hansel and Gretel was based on a true story! As part of My Young Scientist Project we had to do one of our experiments! We had to go to the local boys school and measure their height and weight of their school bags! After that we had Careers and English with Ms.W

                                                  On Friday we went to the ballet, it was so brilliant! I had a really good time! They performed The Nutcracker  and A Christmas Tale!

                                              I was absent on Monday!
                                           On Tuesday our Christmas Exams began! We had Spanish, English and Religion!
                                           Then we had Wednesday and we had Maths and Irish!!

                                          On Thursday we had a fun day! Class Cairdeas put on a Christmas party and we exchanged our Kriskindle presents! After this we went bowling! It was soooooo much fun!

                                            Now I'm on Christmas Holidays(Whooop)
Over and Out,

The song for our piece of the fashion show:


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