Friday, 7 December 2012

Last IT Class before Christmas!

                                                                       So, its that time of the week when I have to tell you all about my week in TY! It all began on Monday, first class we had Art, and it was stressful! Our fashion show is on Monday so that meant we had a week to finish, and lets just say we were not even nearly ready! The we had P.E the girls were doing relays but I forgot my gear which was bad! Then we had Irish and we started a debate! It was all very interesting! Later on that day we had Science with Ms.B and we did an experiment on the effect of light intensity on photosynthesis!

                                                                    Tuesday came in a flash and we had religion first, which meant acting out our Homeless drama! Then we had Tech. with Mr.W were I continued on my clock and learned that our group didn't get through to the F1 in Schools! Also on Tuesday for our Young Scientist Project we had to go to Maynooth for an interview with a physiotherapist. We got lots of tips on how to make our experiment more accurate! It was really fun and interesting! When I got back I h+ad double Home Ec. which meant JunkKoutre and lots of worries as we still hadn't started our shoes!

                                                                   Wednesday we had Work Experience and It was our last day!
                                                                    On Thursday we had Religion were we practiced our drama again. We had History with Ms.C and we looked at the Peterson Projection and we talked about how maps can really be drawn anyway which was kinda hard to get our heads around at the start. We had Irish too and it was debate time! I was very nervous but luckily Ciara and I won! Then we had Mini-Company  and we worked on our logo and design. Then we had English with Ms.W when we worked on our Life Story Project!

                                                                   Now it's Friday and we have had a packed day! We had Spanish in the morning and we worked on our vocab for Locality! We also had Music which meant it was time to sing!! We sang the Ed Sheeran song Give me love and we sang Christmas carols too! In Geography two girls gave a presentation on Japan and they made Dango Balls and to be honest they weren't the nicest tasting thing I've  ever had! Then We had Design with Ms.H and disaster struck!!! Our skirt that we have spent ages trying to make just didn't work! It was a disaster! So now we have to make a new skirt in one weekend! Wish me luck!
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