Saturday, 26 January 2013

The BT Young Scientist and Technologist Exhibition 2013!

On Wednesday the 9th of January 2013 until Saturday the 12th, Myself, Aisling and Lauren competed in the BT Young Scientist and Technologist Exhibition. Our project was on The Effects of School Bags on the Shoulders, Neck and Spine.

The lead up to the Exhibition was a bit hectic! On the Monday we had a bit of a mishap, we had misplaced the results of one of our experiments! Luckily, we were able to re-do our experiment so our mini-crisis was averted! Then on Tuesday we put the finishing touches to our display!

Wednesday was when the real fun began! It was our first day in the RDS! When we arrived there we had our first task, which was to set up our display! The lovely Red Coats helped us stick up our A0 poster, we also had a bag filled with books, a tablet and the best part of our display was a skeleton, we named Ed, who had a Kermit the Frog school bag on! Next up, we had the Opening Ceremony! It was really cool because there was a performance by The Heather's and Colm O'Neill(the CEO of BT) gave a speech too!We also had our first judging which was a bit scary but we got through it! Later on that day we just scoped the place out and meet lots of new people. For the Entertainment later on there was a disco in the Concert Hall.

Thursday was an epic day! All the TYs and Second Years from Wolstan's came to the RDS and it was great  getting to see everyone! We also had our second judging which was nerve wracking but it was all okay! We had several interviews with different newspapers and radio stations and talked to different politicians! For a while we walked around the whole Exhibition and we got lots of free goodies! We got yo-yo's from EPA, we got notebooks, wrist bands, rulers, folders and stickers from Foras na Gaeilge and so many other things! There was also a cool stand set up by the Irish Medicines Board and it was about the dangers of buying tablets over the internet! It was really interesting! We also looked at loads of projects too! Later on that night  as part of our Entertainment we had a massive table quiz! Our team came fourth!

On Friday we had an exciting day! We had an interview with RTE and we were on the news! It was quite embarrassing to see it back! But it was so fun to do! We also got our photo taken with Michael Martin whci was fun! And Of Course, the Awards Ceremony was on Friday too! The girls from Kinsale won overall and I have to say they deserved it! Their project was incredible and if I'm completely honest I don't really understand it! After the Ceremony we found out we got a little Display award (I think Ed did it for us) Later on that night for our Students Entertainment Club we had karaoke and a disco! It was really fun !

Saturday was the last day of the BTYSE, we went to go see Titan the Robot in the Robot show! He was so cool! He even squirted water out of his eyes! Our Science teacher Ms. W even popped into to say hello and see how we were doing, which was really nice of her! I have to say we were all sad to see the Young Scientist end and we all had to say goodbye! It was really saddening! When we were leaving we all got BT stickers! We also had a big farewell disco in the BT Arena! It was amazing!

The Young Scientist really was the most incredible experience of my life! I had such a good time and have made so many new friends from all across the country! Its something I will never forget, even in a million years! 

Thank you to all the people that helped us with our project, especially Ms.W for all her encouragement and help!

Over and Out,
Corrie! :D

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