Friday, 1 February 2013

Mullingar and More!

The week began on Monday, with a double class Art with Ms.O'S that morning. We drew horses , to try and show us that we can actually draw. I found this very challenging!  In Irish with Ms.B we looked at a poem called "Mo Ghra -Sa" it was a really interesting poem! It is a bit of a mock of love poems, it talks about how he isn't beautiful looking but it's okay! We had double Science too and we looked at our Sci-Fest Project. We had History too and we looked at the American Civil War.

Tuesday was when the real fun began! We had worked for weeks on our Drama in Religion and the day had finally come for us to perform our play! We arrived in school at the usual time with all our props in tow! We got on the bus and about 40 minutes later we had arrived at Mullingar Arts Centre for the Briery Gap Drama Competition! There was a mix of nervous and excited energy in the air. When we got there we were shown to our room and we all got changed into our costumes and checked out the stage! Next up, we headed to McDonalds as a class and it was really nice as it was good to have some time as a class but not in school the whole time! We also saw the Joe Dolan statue! When we got back, we watched another schools drama, it was about Murder! Then we all got together and practiced, practiced, practiced! In our class there was 2 separate dramas, the one on the effects of war and homelessness in society! First up, was the War drama The girls did so well and we were all so proud of them! Then our group was up, I had to introduce the play and because a girl was absent I filled in for her! It was a small bit scary but we all enjoyed it immensely! After our drama, the judge gave us a bit of feedback and then we all got changed back into our uniforms. Then some of the girls went to the park but some of us decided to say  behind, we watched the other schools dramas and talked to all the people from different schools and some drama society's too! At about 2 we loaded up the bus and headed home, but on the way to the bus we all get drenched a the sky opened above us! All in all it was a pretty epic day and we all really enjoyed it!!

Wednesday we had work experience!

On Thursday, we started to watch The Pursuit of Happyness, to highlight poverty in life. We also had a Mini Co, meeting and have decided it's time to close up shop and just be happy with the stuff we have done so far! We also had English with Ms.W and she brought us down to the library to have a reading session!

Friday, We watched Contaigon in Geography and we were all freaked out by the amount of germs everywhere! We had double Design too and we worked on our our Teddy Bears! It was great!

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