Friday, 21 September 2012

Carlingford !!

This was the most epic week of my life ! I got to go to Carlingford with my fellow TY's ! :D 
It began with a lot of packing sweets and warm woolies! Then it was an early start on Monday! On the bus to the adventure centre we watched Tangled which is quite a cool movie ! Then we arrived and got split into 2 groups and sorted out the rooms. I shared a room with 11 other girls and that in itself was an experience ! The first task we endured was laser tag ! The best fun ever ! Walking around carlingford village in an army suit and fake guns! It was immense ! Then we had lunch, beans,chips and sausage rolls ! Then we had kayaking ! It was difficult.... My arms were killing me after !! That night we did the Night Line Walk which was scary ! Stumbling around the forest at night time with a blindfold on and the instructors pouring water over us and rubbing leaves against us ! So scary !! That night we had a mini party in  our room eating our weight in sweets, chocolate and crisps! Surprisingly we were all out cold by 12:30 ! The next morning started off with us having to clean our rooms (not a fun time) but then soon improved with the news that we would be zorbing ! Which is when we were strapped into a giant rubber ball and pushed down a hill ! Then we had high ropes and challenges which were deadly ! Much to my sadness it was time to leave and say bye to all the instructors who we all came to love. 
Over and Out,

Corrie :D

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