Friday, 14 September 2012

Week Two !

Well, It's the second week in Transition Year! I have to say it's been a bit crazy ! It started off with trying to make a skirt out of newspaper and chicken wire in Junk Koutre! We decided on a paper mache, we used so much glue ! Then we had Tech which was really cool because I got to use the hack-saw and the pillar drill which was quite a big deal for me! Then Wednesday came, the day of reckoning ! The day of our Junior Cert results! My nerves were on edge but everything was good ! I done really well! (Hooray!) Then I had a great night ! I went to a disco with my friends and had a blast ! The next day, feeling very tired I headed back to school and had a great day, in Mini Company we brainstormed things to sell to our fellow pupils! It was a good day ! Then on Friday I has a great Music class, learning to play "We Will Rock You" on guitar and I have to admit I'm not very good !  So, that's it really !

Over and Out, Corrie! 

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