Friday, 28 September 2012

Last Blog of September!

Well, yet another week of TY has flown by and it's time for me to tell you all about it ! So, in Science this week we did this absolutely amazing experiment ! We made normal copper pennies turn golden ! It was quite cool! We did it by heating zinc and sodium hydroxide on a hot plate and mixing it around and then putting the coin on the hot plate itself ! On Tuesday I had double Tech. and I finished my key-ring(hooorayy !!!)  and started marking out my clock which I am delighted to say is going to be a baby pink colour! Later that same afternoon I had Home Ec. which meant Junk Koutre Time ! Chanice started leaving( actually putting leaves on the back of the skirt)  and Rosie and me started paper maché the front. On Wednesday  I had my first day of Work Experience which I can say with a smile went really well ( If you want to know more on my Work Exp. follow the link on the side of my page!) on Thursday we finally decided on our mini- Company ideas which is quite a relief, That's it really for this week!( I think!)
Over and Out, 
Corrie !

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