Tuesday, 20 November 2012

November Blog!

So, it's the second week after mid term and I am still going strong! It has been another fun packed week in TY. It started off on Monday in Art which means it was time for Junk Koutre! We started sewing on the feathers onto our top! which proved to be an awkward job! On Tuesday I had Tech. with Mr. W which was really fun! We all worked on our Formula 1 project which I am Team Manager on! We also started Cryptography in Maths which is really interesting! Then we had Home Ec. were we continued to sew on the feathers and fixed up the head piece which is back to being a birds nest! Wednesday was next and I had Work Experience! On Thursday we had Mini-Company and I started to design a poster for advertising and we also came up with a name and slogan! we are now called "SportScope" and our slogan is "Shoot for the Stars." I also had English with Ms.W and  we worked on our Life Story Presentation which will be really cool when it's finished! We also started watching a new movie in Spanish! So far it looks good! On Friday we had Religion with Ms.G and we entered into a drama contest! Our group is doing it on homelessness and how people look down on homeless people even though it could very easily be them on the streets! I wrote a rough outline of the script and some of the girls looked at music and lighting too! We also had Music were we are learning the piano, I am not very good but I enjoy it all the same! We had Design too so that meant more JunkKoutre and we finished our feathers and are starting to fill in the white gaps on the top with felt that's blue so it looks like the sky! I had I.T too on Friday and Mrs.L was telling us how she would like us to make a video of the school so all incoming first years could have a proper look around the school! We started making a list on how we would like to film it and if it all goes to plan it will be deadly!
I guess that's it for this week!
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