Sunday, 25 November 2012

November is almost over!

                                                               Well, it's that time of the week again where I am going to tell you all about my week! So, my week started out on Thursday because I was absent on the other days! So on Thursday morning we had a talk on homelessness and the Simon Community. Ms. O'S gave it to us because she has first hand experience with the Simon Community! She told us there is other things for people to do for the homeless other than just giving them soup. It was very interesting to hear about! Later on we had History with Ms.C and she showed us pictures of different castles and how they changed from a defensive home to  palaces really! We had Spanish and since it was Thursday we got to watch some of our movie! Which is really good!  In Irish with Ms.B we read a drama called Deirdre's Sorrow! After that we had Mini Company! Our Mini Company is coming along good we should be ready to sell in a few weeks! In Careers we started to do a person spec. for a job! I also had Ms. W for English so that meant we worked on our life story presentation which will be really cool when it's finished!

                                                            On Friday the day started out really good! Our first class was Maths and since we are doing Cryptography we are watching the Nicholas Cage movie National Treasure! It is such a good movie! We had Spanish too and Ms.M told us what number we would be for our orals with is really exciting because I've never done a proper oral before! In Religion we worked on our drama a bit more. We had a really fun Music class with Ms.S we song the song "I Follow Rivers" by Lykke Li which was the song we all sung in Carlingford so there was good memories too! Then we tried to play it on piano, I wasn't very good but I had fun trying! We had Geography and we going to do a case study on the hair industry in India which will be really cool I think! We had Design after that which meant JunkKoutre and we decided that we were going to feather the back of the top too! But disaster struck, our skirt went all black so we have to re-leave it again but there are no more green leaves left so it's going to be brown instead! Hopefully it will look okay!
I think that's all I have to say!
Over and Out,

 Our song in Music:D

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