Friday, 9 November 2012

Shaken, not Stirred !

                                                           Well, It's November already! My first week after mid-term and I have to say it's been one of the best so far! Well, it all began on Monday when we had Art which meant more JunkKoutre! We figured out how to make our owls body stick onto the t-shirt! After that we had P.E with Mr. L, which is not my best subject(I'm not the best at sport!) but we did High Jump which I was surprised, I wasn't that awful at it! On Monday, we also had English which was good because we talked about the song Viva La Vida by Coldplay as a poem which was really interesting!

                                                                Tuesday came and went in a flash! We had Religion, and we watched the debate on the Children's referendum, I liked this because it actually effects me! Then came Tech. with Mr.W and we did more work on the Formula 1 Competition which I['m really starting to get into! It's so fun! We had Home Ec. with Ms.McC in the afternoon and that meant more JunkKoutre! We tried to stick on our owl and it didn't go to plan, but we soon figured out what wen had to do and we got half of it done!
                                                                Wednesday I had work experience, so look at my other blog to find out all about that!

                                                                Then it was Thursday, one of the best days of school  so far. It began just as normal, and we all headed out to the Odeon Cinema in Naas for our Mini-Company Meeting but the lady from the Enterprise Board was unfortunately sick! That was bad for her but kinda brilliant for us because we got to watch ... Skyfall!!! The new James Bond movie! Which I have been dying to see! It is absolutely amazing! I loved it! to top it all off we all got popcorn, jellies, drinks and these cool cups! It was the best! 

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