Saturday, 2 March 2013

From Djembe to Lollipops!

It's Monday, the first day back after Mid-Term and we had a Djembe Workshop! It was the best fun ever! Dave, the instructor showed us all different types of Djembe drums and how to play the Djembe drum! It was really fun to get to see different West African culture. We started off with how to hit the skin of the drum properly without getting our hands sore, its all about making a triangle with your hands! Then we did a call and drummed out a rhythm and did cool little hand movements! After that we got a more difficult rhythm and added more instruments into the mix and Dave gave out traditional West African hats! It was a really great day and we all had a blast!

On Friday, we had another brilliant day! We got to collect for Lollipop Day, who are campaigning for the Oesphagael  Cancer Fund in Ireland. It was really good to do because we got to help a great cause. Myself, Ciara and Juliette we together in a group. We were kitted out in a Lollipop Day t-shirt and a Cap we also had two buckets that had pink balloons on them! We were then sent out, our group was on the corner of Molesworth Street and Dawson Street! People were so generous and friendly towards us! It was really nice to see people give money to such  a worthy cause. 

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