Tuesday, 2 October 2012

First Blog of October !

Well, it's October already and I can hardly believe I've been in TY a month now, time has just flown by!! I'm doing my second week of work experience tomorrow(wish me luck!) But so far this week, My group in Junk Koutre has completely finished the front of our skirt! (Yes!!) and nearly finished the back,it would have been done by now apart from all the rain that is absolutely saturating all the leaves! We designed our headpiece too! We've decided to to make a tree-house, tyre swing and all!  Also, I had Tech. as-well which I am glad to report am really enjoying even though I'm shockingly bad at it ! Started to cut out my clock which doesn't really look like a clock(Or more than likely ever will look like a clock especially with the way I use a file and saw!) In Science this week we did another cool experiment! We got to make volcanoes!(Our groups was the best!)It was a really fun way of learning about acids and bases !! I also went to the "Green Schools" meeting which I am happy to say is really interesting! Also, I had choir practice which was fun too! Well, that's it so far this week,Over and out, Corrie !

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