Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday Number Four...

Hello Again! Well, It's the Fourth Friday of TY! Which is a bit crazy, well I think so anyway! So, my class didn't win the Fun Walk! I'm sure it was a fix(not really, our dance was more than just a bit off) So, I'll be starting the review of my week on Tuesday(I was out on Monday!) Well, then, Tuesday I had Home Ec. which meant Junk Koutre! We have our headpiece perfectly designed! We are going to do a tree-house! On Wednesday I had my work experience(check out my workexp. blog for all the gossip there!).  Thursday then came, in Spanish we watched the movie"El Bolo" which means The Pellet, everything is just starting to get exciting! Then in History our class perfected the Mexican wave,( Ms.C wasn't impressed) and we learned about King Edward the Second and the very painful way he died(I'm not even repeating it, it's very icky!) Next we had Mini Company and we had to change our product ! Now we are doing i-pod speakers that are waterproofed, so if know anybody that wants some, give us a call ;D ;) Now, it's Friday and this week is over(sad face). We had design today and we started to make our headpiece! Everything is starting to come together nicely! 
I suppose that's all I really have to report,
Over and Out :D

Pics from the Fun Walk:

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