Friday, 26 October 2012

Hallowe'en Blog :D

Well, it's that time of year again! HALLOWEEN! :D We had our annual dress up day ! This year we were ZOMBIES! How scary ?! The first years were witches, second years were pirates, third years were SuperHeroes, fifth years were clowns and sixth year were Harry Potter characters! As a zombie, I ripped up my jeans, shredded up a t-shirt and then I stuck on some pale face paint! It wasn't my most attractive moment I have to say but it looked good all the same !
Earlier on in the week in Tech. with Mr. W we started on our formula one project! Which I have to say I am very excited about! Even though I'm not the best at Tech. I'll give it a go! Also, we had JunkKoutre! We have changed our headpiece again! Now we are going to do a bird's nest! We were even thinking about maybe changing the back of the skirt to a more metallic look so we could show the comparison of nature against industry, but were not too sure yet! It would be very difficult! I also had Mini Company, we have decided to do a Sports Skills app! It should sell(hopefully) !
I thinks that's it for another week! 
Over and Out!! :D

Pic of the Dress up Day :D 

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