Friday, 5 October 2012

The Fun Walk!

Well, on Friday we had our annual Fun Walk! Which always promises to be great fun and this year was no exception! So, being in TY our colour was YELLOW! It was surprisingly difficult to find a yellow t shirt(most things are mustard!) but I got there in the end! After a lot of deliberation we all finally decided to dress up as yellow Lego blocks(because that's just how cool we are!) We chose the song Hey Ya by Outkast to do a little dance to!It was very cool! On the day our dance was a bit off because we got out of sync with the music but you could hardly notice it(I think, I hope!!) Well, in our school during the Fun Walk our job is to direct all the other students where to go which is quite fun(power trip whooop!!!) Me and Caitlin were stationed at the First set of traffic lights with Mr.H which was really fun! He gave us jellies(yum!)  which is always a good time! It was really funny because all the cars kept beeping their horns at us! After directing all the girls through the walk we headed back to school were we got a free drink(diet coke!!) and had a bit of a dance! After that it was all over for another year and luckily the rain stayed away! The winners are announced Monday, so wish us all luck!!
Over and Out ! 

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