Friday, 8 March 2013

A Week of Fun!

Another week of TY has flown by in a flash! It began with double Art, first class on a Monday morning! Ms.O'S had us work on our cassette pictures. Mine isn't very good to be perfectly honest, Art is not my strong point at all! We played badminton in P.E too, I was kinda bad at that too! Later that day in double Science we got a new teacher, Ms.K, we are doing a Biology module now and it sounds like fun, we will be learning about  Genetics and Evolution! 

On Tuesday we had double Tech. with Mr.W and it was really fun! We had a great discussion about Les Misérables, it was quite fascinating really!  We had English too and we looked at The Artist, it is such a good movie! I love it so much!  I also had double Home Ec. and we made Thai Curry! It was so nice and really tasty!

Thursday, we had a trip to Trinity College for a talk by Intel. It was really good and fun! We learned about engineers and how in the future 75% of all jobs will be in either Tech or Science! I found this really cool as I want to go into the Science field when I'm older! When we got back we had Mini. Co. and we watched The Apprentice, it was really good and we saw how the other people branded there cereals!

Then it was Friday and so far today we had Maths which was fun because we are going things on Statistics so we got to count sweets and then eat them! I enjoyed the second part immensely!! We also found out we got awards for our drama, we got the adjudicators award for best atmosphere and  we we came runner up too! We also finished watching the Pursuit of Happiness! It was class! We got a talk from Ian Daly too, it was about how Swim a Mile came about, it was a sad story but it was quite inspirational too!

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