Monday, 25 March 2013

Ho Hey, Hall of Fame and I Follow Rivers ....

                       St. Wolstan's Community School presents its Annual Music Night!

This week, we had quite a busy week! We had our Music Night! Which always promises to be a great night full of music and fun! As TY's we all wanted to do our Music teachers proud and raise the roof! Us, Class Síocháin had a medley of songs to sing. It began with Ho Hey by The Lumineers, then it went into The Hall of Fame by The Script and then finally into I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li! I was personally very excited to this medley because I love The Lumineers and I like the song I Follow Rivers(it's so catchy!) The other two classes were really good too! Cairdeas sang the song Hello, but it was really cool because they put in claps and stamps which was really amazing! Cinealtas had an Ed Sheeran medley to sing, it was really beautiful to listen too. I really love Ed Sheeran so I especially enjoyed that! The week coming up to the Music Night was filled with rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal! Especially the Thursday, just a matter of hours before the show was on! We were all told the dress-code, black appropriate clothing. We were not on til the second half so we had some time to hang around the first year mall and have a sing-song, which was personally my favourite part of the night but poor Ms.H had to endure our singing which I am afraid to say was probably out of tune at best, but it was fun none the less.  When we took to the stage all went well and we did great if I do say so myself! I was glad to have the opportunity to partake in the Night and had a great night!

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