Saturday, 2 March 2013

To Macroom and Beyond .... !!

Well, our drama get through to the Cork Finals of The Briery Gap Drama Competition. Our play was about Homelessness in today's society, how quickly life can change and karma. Basically, a really rich family that look down on homeless people end up on the streets. But disaster struck, the Wesley Choir Competition and Sci-Fest in Schools was on the same day! People had to decide which one they were going to attend and a lot of changing and swapping roles happened with just a small about of panic. In the end we had enough people to fill the roles! It was quite an experience in itself! We practiced everyday and got lots of great advice off all the teachers. So, at just after half eleven on Friday, we packed up the mini bus and we off to Macroom in Cork. It was a long journey but we had sugar and our i-pods so it was really fun, we all felt sorry for Ms.G and Ms.C who  very kindly agreed to accompany us because they had to listen to our out of tune and quite awful singing! When we arrived in the Briery Gap theater some of the girls got a bit nervous, it was really funny (at the time it wasn't funny but thinking back on it now it is!) we had a mini crisis with the music and lighting but it all went grand thanks to the lads from KH who helped us out in our little panic. Also, Ms. C helped us greatly with our transitions and which side of the stage we had to be on! The play itself went good (I think, I hope) after our drama it was time to hit the road again! It was a good bus journey home! We stopped in McDonald's and everything! As well, Ciara, Ciara and I told ghost stories as it was dark, it was really funny and to be one hundred per cent honest I was a tinchy bit freaked out, but I am kinda a coward when it comes to things like that! When we finally got into Kildare, we hit traffic and had to go the back roads back to Celbridge! We arrived home at about eight thirty! It was such a great day and one of the best experiences of TY, I would recommend anyone to try and enter if they can! It's just the best!
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